Dojo Etiquette & Club Rules

The Martial Arts is built upon foundations of discipline and respect.

The Sudbury Karate Dojo has the following requirements:



Kyungye/Rei (bow)

When entering or leaving the Dojo, at beginning & end of training, addressing Sensei or senior instructor, training with another student and at a gradings where required.


1. Please do not be late for class. If for good reason you are late, stand to the side of the Dojo and wait for the instructor to acknowledge you, bow and then join the class.

2. Respect your Sensei, instructors and all other students.

3. Do not find fault in students less able than yourself, higher grades help and assist lower grades and be friendly & welcoming towards beginners.

4. Keep nails short & clean, hands and feet. Observe personal hygiene

5. Keep your Gi (suit) clean, your Gi should be worn with a neatly tied belt (Obi)

6. Female students are permitted to wear a white T-shirt beneath their Gi.

7. No jewellery, rings, watches, earrings etc. should be worn during training.

8. No swearing or disruptive behaviour is permitted in the Dojo.

9. Never use your training outside the Dojo, unless there is no other option

10. No food in the Dojo, unless permitted by Sensei.

11. Promote a positive training attitude to maintain or advance your grade


Training Equipment

Be respectful of any provided training equipment, wear only approved and recommended personal protection equipment, your Gi should display the SEFKA club logo.



Students attending gradings must observe all of the above listed requirements, arrive at the venue in time to warm up properly, listen to the grading panels instructions, remember the grading panels decisions are final, during your grading always give 100% commitment and Kiai (shout) where required. You must have an up to date licence to grade, which insures you and other students (this is your responsibility).


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