The History of our Karate style

The SEFKA style of Karate derives from two distinct lines of Martial Arts. The first is in Japanese Wado Ryu Karate and the second in the early forms of Korean Taekwondo. However it can be traced back further than this, first to Gichin Funakoshi who was the founder of Shotokan Karate and then back through Okinawa Karate (The accepted birthplace of Japanese Karate). Prior to this we move to China with Chi-Nang Fang in the 1600s and finally to India with Bodhidharma in AD 520.


Wado Ryu as we know it came to the UK through Tatsuo Suzuki, at this time Karate in the UK was in its infancy, this was around 1964.

Around the same time as Suzuki, American Service men were bringing Korean and Japanese based Martial Arts to the UK.
These two lines of Martial Arts met in the UK through men such as Chris Batte and James Self. Chris Batte was in the UK between 1970-72 and connected to the Korean line, whilst James Self was a UK based student of Tatsuo Suzuki.

Our Grand Master Trevor White first trained in Wado Ryu under Sensei James Self, also training under James Self and connected to Chris Batte was Billy Brennan. In the mid-1970s an association called the English Korean Karate Association (EKKA) was formed, which combined the kicks from the Korean Taekwondo line, with the blocks and punches of the Wado Ryu line. This is the reason why we use both Korean and Japanese terms and also why we have a mixture of Korean based and Japanese based grading content.

Grand Master White training under Billy Brennan reached his 2nd Dan Black Belt in 1983.

In 1984 Grand Master White decided to set up his own association and was joined at this time by Sensei Bob Plumb, his son Colin (later to become English Karate Champion), Dave Stalker and others. They retained the syllabus of the EKKA and opened their first Karate classes in Sudbury Sports Centre. The new association was called South East Freestyle Karate Association (SEFKA).

Within the SEFKA family are a number of clubs through South Suffolk and North Essex. The association has grown in reputation and size over the years and Sensei White was recognised by The Federation of English Karate Organisations (FEKO) in 2009, when they awarded him his 7th Dan. The senior instructors of the association are all highly qualified and recognised Martial Artists:


SEFKA Senior Instructors

Grand Master Trevor White - 8th Dan (Chairman & Chief Instructor)

Sensei's Bob Plumb - 7th Dan, Colin Plumb - 7th Dan & Tim Murcott - 7th Dan

Sensei Calum Kennedy - 6th Dan

Vicki Litanzios - 5th Dan Kevin Galvin - 5th Dan Anthony Gear 5th Dan Channa Frohlick 5th Dan


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