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We train at Sudbury Sports Centre Gym Hall on Mondays & Thursdays

Physical Fitness - Confidence - Self-Defence - Personal Improvement


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Next Senior Grading 14th Apr 2019


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Juniors Karate
6 - 7pm
Prestigious Award Presented
Kata Training
7 - 8pm
October 2018 Senior Grading Results
Seniors Karate
8 - 9pm
Senior Grading Requirements
Juniors Karate
7 - 8pm
Feb 2019 - Club Grading Results
Seniors Karate
8 - 9:30pm

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If you have an interest in Karate this site will give you all the information you need to take your first steps towards getting involved and who knows eventually becoming a Black Belt.

The benefits of Karate are numerous - Self-Defence, Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength & Flexibility, Respect, Friends and Improve Confidence & Self-Esteem. No matter what your reason for wanting to learn Karate it’s all achievable at Sudbury Karate Club or any of the other SEFKA Clubs.

We teach Karate to children, teens and adults, whatever their individual ability. We also provide Karate classes especially for 4-6 year old's in our Little Dragon’s Classes, which are held at Glemsford (see clubs for more details).

Our attitude is that every student deserves to train in a safe and secure environment, with the best possible instruction and that means being taught by genuine Black Belts. All of our lessons have Black Belt instructors with assistant instructors to ensure each student is gaining their own development at their own pace in every lesson. All of our Black Belts began as White Belts (beginners) and have trained hard over time to grade at every level to achieve their Black Belt status.

Our Karate training helps students not only become physically fit, but they develop mentally and gain in confidence. By setting and achieving personal goals they get stronger and also learn valuable lessons as a result of the etiquette that runs through the training. Sudbury Karate Club has a robust attitude to encourage anti-bullying, which we try to install in all of our students

So whether you’re a beginner, or someone returning to Karate or from any other Martial Art after a break, you will be made very welcome. Just turn up and your first lesson is free, with no obligations to join, no monthly subscriptions and training at a pace you set for yourself.

We look forward to seeing you at the Dojo.

Grandmaster - Trevor White 8th Dan


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