Keith Holmes

4th Dan Karate

Ming Chuan Kung Fu - 1st Degree

I began my karate training in 1994, at the Sudbury Dojo under Sensei Trevor White

I graded to 1st Dan black belt as one of three millennium black belts in 2000, later grading to 3rd Dan in June 2007. On the 9th April 2017, I was awarded my 4th Dan by the senior SEFKA panel, presented by Sensei Trevor White.

With the permission of Sensei White, alongside my karate training I also trained with Sifu John Fanning in Ming Chuan Kung Fu from 2000 to 2010, earning my 1st degree black belt. I brought this additional knowledge back to the Sudbury Dojo and was instrumental in introducing Chinese Iron Fist to SEFKA, where many higher grades trained with Sifu Fanning.

I believe my achievements in Martial Arts to date have been the result of hard work, determination and endevour and take the oppotunity to thank Sensei White and other higher grades before me, for their time, selflessness, patience and dedication to their students. This is what enabled me to achieve all that I have in Martial Arts.

I now mainly teach and train on Mondays at the Sudbury Dojo, where I not only continue to learn, but also can pass on my knowledge and skills to those who have begun treading in the footsteps that I once did.


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